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Dougies 2 cents worth


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I have a very simple view on overclocking… don’t, if you need more speed out of your cpu, video card, motherboard, ect…. Then buy what you need…with the speeds we are running at now it is not worth the potential damage to your system that could arise…plainly and simply just buy a new cpu or video card or motherboard…

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Well, dougie! We ought to cover both sides of the fence then! As I am from the other side that believes in squeezing the most out of my stuff! If I break it then I'll buy a newer faster and try to break it to!

If it ain't broke, Fix it till it is! :lol:

As an example:

P-4 1.8a @2430mhz /3:4 divider Memory@180x2=360mhz~Swiftech MCX4000 w/36cfm TMD fan~Asus P4B533~512mb Xtreme DDR PC3000~Antec 430w TruPower~80 gb Maxtor ATA 100/7200 rpm~Samsung DVD SD-612~Plextor CD-RW 12x10x32~Hercules Game Theater XP~ATI Radeon 9700 Pro~misc stuff~ Win XP Pro

Haven't OC'd the vid card yet but I will!

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