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Create Stunning Pictures, Albums/Libraries,

Animations, and Web Art Images

IMAGEFORGE by CursorArts is a full featured paint program for the beginner as well as the pro. It may not have all the features of Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop, but it also carries a price tag to match.

There are FREE(20 use/20 day), Pro($29) and Master($78) editions available.

Take a look. HERE

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I like it, but the 20day, 20 use seems a little skimpy. Oh well.

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The GIMP is your friend. :)

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I really like The Gimp but I dunno of it is me or the fact that I used Paint Shop Pro for 5 years. I can't seem to get used to all the seperate floating menus. I get cornfuzzled and frustrated.

Then there is the (the D-word) FONT errors that pop up at odd times. I haven't been able to figure that out yet either.

But you are correct, The Gimp is top notch for the price. Absolutely FREE!!! :D

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