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what is the best way to cut a blow hole


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Try this link: Blowhole

or this one: Blowhole 2

or this one: Blowhole 3

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Can't beat a hole saw, besides a waterjet/laser nothing will make a better hole.

Jigsaw/dremel/punch will always leave a funky shaped hole even after hours of filing. A hole saw *can* leave a slightly funky (technical term) hole if the piece isn’t clamped down.

80mm fan needs a 3inch

90/92mm needs a 3 1/2inch

120mm needs a 4 1/2inch

You can usually get them for around $15 (real cheapies) to 40$+ for a good one. If you plan to do this a lot definitely get a more expensive one.

Make sure you use lubrication so you can keep them sharp.

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