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good heatsink for 2800+ barton?


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If you don't mind spending a little green, I would recommend either the Thermalright SP-97 or the Swiftech MCX-462V. Both are excellent coolers. As far as fans go, I would look at the Panaflo FBA08A12H 80mm or if you want an adjustable the Thermaltake Smartfan II is pretty good. The Vantec stealth is also pretty quiet. Of course, if your ears can stand it you can opt for the Vantec Tornado 80mm. Let me warn you, though, it is LOUD. If you would rather not spend $50 on a hsf, you can still get a very good cooler in the Thermalright SLK-900 for around $30 at http://www.sidewindercomputers.com/. I have one and it works wonders for the XP processors. I have it on my second machine using an XP1700+ and temps are relatively cool at around 45c load. I use the AMD 64 bit with the stock cooler on my main rig. They stay nice and cool.

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The Zalman is quite large but works very well and very quiet, one of the new Thermaltakes with the heatpipes would work also they have gotten good reviews. Make sure your board is compatable with what you are getting I had to modify one bracket with the Zalman to clear a small capacitor.

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I've got a Thermaltake Volcano 9 on my Barton 2600 and it will run at 41C at idle all day and won't get above 48C running 100% 24/7. I would definitely recommend it.

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