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Belkin - Nostromo Speedpad n52


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First I would like to thank PCToyland for providing this unit to us for review/testing. Without the generous support of retailers like PCToyland, it would be exceedingly hard for review sites like COD to provide you with the quality articles you read today.

I have been a gamer for a long time and I’ve played on everything from a Commodore 64 to an Xbox. If I have learned one thing it is this, the keyboard is not the ultimate gaming accessory. Why do you think we use a game controller with the console systems instead of the keyboard? It’s easier to use. I will be the first to admit that, having played for so long with a keyboard, I have become accustomed to its layout and function. I now have trouble adjusting to using the controllers on console systems like PS2. Along comes the Nostromo Speedpad n52, the big brother to the n50. As you can see, the most noticeable difference is the extra row of keys on the n52.

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As I mentioned on the other thread, I think it depends on how much you play console games. Even though it uses keys, I think the feel is more like using a gamepad.

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