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Next Wonder to Work on after All Level 1 Wonder's Completed


Level 2 Wonder Boost  

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  1. 1. What Level 2 Wonder Boost does LO5 want next after Level 1 Wonder's Completed?

    • Kizhi Pogost - Advanced Scouting
    • Kizhi Pogost - Sound The Alarm
    • Basilica of San Vitale - Expropriation
    • Basilica of San Vitale - Expansion
    • Tower of London - Poison The Well
    • Tower of London - Reserve Force

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Please select the next Wonder Boost to work on after Brace The Walls is finished in the Kizhi Pogost.

That will complete all three Level I Boosts ( Raise The Colors, Brace The Walls, Trade Envoy).


Here's some details about the Level II Boosts:

Advanced Scouting - Allows you to see enemy traps during the Castle Scout phase. Traps become invisible once you attack.  Boost lasts 1 day when purchased.

Sound The Alarm - When keep is first damaged - all inactive patrol points and Guard Houses activate, GH deploy time shortens and a squad of engineers deploys from the Keep.   Deploy Time Boost is 50%, and Boost lasts 2 days when purchased.

Expropriation - Extra bonus pennants are awarded when attacking any building that pennants can be looted from. (Defender does not lose the extra pennants...fyi.).  Duration of boost is 1 day, and increase pennants by 50%.

Expansion - Farms/Mills/Quarries all produce extra resources. 2 day duration when purchased - 30% increase to all farms/mills/quarries.

Poison The Well All defending enemy troops (except Watch Signal troops) will suffer a penalty to health and damage.  Boost duration 1 day. Damage/Health of enemy troops reduced by 25%.

Reserve Force - After all troops have been deployed in your attack, and no more troops are in the field, you will receive more slots of troops to deploy - randomly selected from your roster. Duration of Boost - 1 day. Number of extra slots:  6.  (So it could be 6 single slot troops, 3 two-slot troops, or a combination of both)


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From the LO4 experience

1. First we need to research level 2 of the wonders, then we can research any of the powers (yup, its frigging painful)

2. Only emperor needs to have lv2 embassy

3. Tower of London might be easiest as it does not require stone or wood for the wonder lv 2 research. Basilica requires 125K stone dontions which are going to be nigh impossible for our alliance in the short run

So my vote for tower of london

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For reference, Shaconire did a very thorough analysis of the wonders when they first came out: http://forums.computingondemand.com/topic/39526-wonder-details-and-analysis-updated-1115/

For a quick breakdown, here are the requirements to level up each wonder to level 2 before you can then begin researching level two boosts:

Kizhi Pogost:
Collect 4,650 stars attacking in multiplayer battles.
Donate 112,000,000 wood by increments of 275,000.

Basilica of San Vitale:
Loot a total of 250,000,000 resources of any type in multiplayer battles.
Donate a total of 42,250,000 stone by increments of 125,000.

Tower of London:
Donate a total of 300,000 pennants of your current civilization by increments of 300.
Win 2,325 attacks.

The current strategy for LO4 is to focus on Tower of London since it has the easiest requirements for completing level 2.  Occasionally we'll switch to the other wonders if someone has spare stone or wood to donate.  We initially started focusing on Basilica of San Vitale but only made it to 3 million stone donations while the 250 million looting requirement was 80% done.

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