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Eh guys I have been playing planetside for a bit now and I know hunter-killer has been playing. Is anyone else playing this game it rocks.. takes one heck of a system to run all the options but I would think for most of ya here you would do ok :D:P . Anyhow were starting our own outfit for PS and did not want to leave anyone out that wanted to play.

Were on the Emerald Server "TR"

Also I should have a copy uploaded to my site for anyone that wants to try it I should be able to get ya a 10 day trial(Got 7 left so just PM me also I am sure my buddies would come up off of some of there trials).

Just a warning tho. Takes about 1.5-3 hours to install and get hella DL's/Updates (depends on connection speed) this game has come a long way since they first put it out. New weps new veh.

If you like FPS's that never ends on a masive scale with required teamwork and building up your characters experence then you may want to try it. I will warn you this game will make you so mad... so if your one of those ppl that get pissed and break things.. stick to the 20min round games. Nothing makes me more mad to run 5 min. in a full loadout only to get blasted in a few rounds by a giant tank that I did not see before I pop over a hill GGGRRRR... :angry::P:D. However I do go back and blast him the 2nd time.. :D

Well let me know

Thanks guys

RdMaxx A.K.A. DGenCortez

A work in progress but it's Digital Genocides lil home. :P

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I had 3-4 copies last year when it came out. We gave them away on the site. It looks killer, but I just can't see paying to play each month.

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