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I can't chat in game...

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Hi all! At the moment, i can't chat or make any announcements... When i go on the chat page, i have a black text saying:
''Your Xbox settings for voice and text are preventing you from using chat. Go to xbox.com to change your settings...''

First, i never went to xbox account, to change anything

secondly, once i go there, xbox.com's setting, i look everywhere, and can't find anything related to voice or text...

Thirdly, i uninstalled and re-installed the game...it did not fix it...

Finally, i only play on my PC Laptop... I use no phone, tablet, pad, or any other devices...

Anyone can help me with that matter?

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This seems to be an occasional bug with the game. I actually got the same message at the same time you posted this. I've gotten it before, too. It'll eventually fix itself.

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