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Cooler Master Musketeer


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Date: Saturday, May 22, 2004

Author: Bruceleeon

Provided By: Coolerguys.com

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In my pursuit of elevating myself to the upper echelons of the geek community, I am always looking for ways to separate myself from my neighbors. This started with my consumption of "extreme" computer components, to windowed cases glowing with bright blue cold cathodes, rheostats, dials, knobs, green fluids, and now; the Cooler Master Musketeer. This is in no way an introduction to a new product, but more like a great idea revisited. Products like this offer a fresh and innovative means of breaking away from the plain old beige box that most of the computing community is striving to steer away from, making computing a more personal experience.

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Excellent. I will send it out asap.

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