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yo guys !! i m coming back on Dec 13 !!!!!

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yo shims of lo emp ... I m starbeast former emperor of lo 5 ...Reminder just in case if you forgot me...lol

Finally my busy schedule is nearly ended few more days and I'll be back on AOE ...!

And it looks like old tankdriver surpassed mike... All this happened just because I wasn't there to take you down tankdriver ! Well now it's just a matter of time that I will take you down ..hmm looking at my crowns I don't think it should take more that umm hmmm 365 days ( a year ) ohh wait a sec next year is a leap year right 1 extra day ... LUCKY !!! lol

sorry can't get rid of this behavior...

see you next week

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Finally! Starbeast is making a comeback.

I'm excited - yeah, Tank has been the man for a while now.

But since he's quitting (hope not permanently) - there's room for a new leader in all of Leftovers Alliances!



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