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Hello Leftovers ...its bin a while, i ve posted anything on forum...

Couple of weeks ago..on the chat.. i discussed a way of attack with cornard and Ram rush.. 

And Our emperor SB did it specially for me ...thanks SB...i am just showing you the screenshot to keep it in record ..i thing we r doing it for the first time. so just naming it after our alliance..."LEFTOVER's SPEAR" i hope others will also try it n even perfect it....


well the purpose is to go into the castle through one side n come out of the other. no matter how many walls comes in the way.

looks like a spear passing through a castle like a hot KNIFE...

I think game is not just about winning and losing crowns or going up the ladder...Here in LO we can have all the adventures of the game....lol

Anyone got any new or weird Idea about attacking or defence ...u r most welcome






the last screen shot is of my attack this morning...

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I found that it was easier in my replay to bring 4 extra rams and drop them in a separate cluster from the ones that target the keep.  I'm actually wondering now how well an attack would work that brings mostly rams and groups them into various clusters and sends 6-8 to take down the keep while the other groups of 4 or so target the defenses.  I feel like if you could manage things well enough in the chaos, you could possibly take out enough defending towers to leave things clear for 100% as the rams clean up.

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