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Leftover 5 RULES


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All members of The Leftovers 5, please read these rules that we have put in place to assist you...

TO JOIN The Leftovers 5, we ask that you have at least 30 crowns. Any Age is welcome. Our goal is for you to become a better Sieger - thru learning Attacking skills/troop combinations...and try to help limit losses on Defense.


General RULES for The Leftovers 5:

1. Donations:

- In general, if you are at least Age 7 - you can start donating to anyone. *Lower Ages need not worry at this time until you get to Age 7 and you have upgraded troops*.

- Acceptable Donation troops are the following:  Level 5+ Cavalry, Level 3+ Knight Templar, Level 3+ Raiders of Muscovy, and Level 3+ Mamluks. *Grenadiers are also acceptable, but do not donate two or more Grenadiers in a row. Only one Grenadier at a time mixed between Mounted Troops*

- ABSOLUTELY NO single slot donations (i.e. pikeman/infantry/archers..etc). *Even if you have a Watch Tower that has 6 out of 7 slots filled – DO NOT fill that last slot with a troop. Also, be sure to get your Watch Tower’s upgraded so that it shows an EVEN # of slots...i.e. 10, 12, 14, 16...etc*  

- Don’t be afraid to ask in chat if you need or want a specific troop.

2. Activity:

- Please try to be active in chat and participate in The Leftovers forum! We’d love to hear from all players.

- If you share a replay, be sure to let us know why you are sharing it.  *i.e. big win, lots of loot, weird layout, good layout, good use of Hero/Troops, any mistakes you made, anything you learned…etc*

- Be active in the game. Try not to go longer than two weeks (14 days) without attacking. *inactivity for that long will cause you to get booted from alliance*

- If you will be out for a period of time, please tell an active member or post in the forum. *Whether it’s holiday/vacation/medical…try to let us know so your spot will be secure.*

3. Fun:

- Enjoy the game and have fun! Don’t worry about the stuff you can’t control *(i.e. disconnects/server issues).*

- Don’t worry about not winning attacks at first. Attacks will improve with experience and with advice from experienced members. *Practice the historical campaigns again too – it’s a great way to fight for free!*

- Don’t worry about not winning on defense. There is no perfect defense. *Try to look at various layouts and adjust as needed after several battles, paying attention to attacker’s tendencies. Goal should be to limit the # of stars, or protect certain resources you need to upgrade*

4. Lordship:

- To be considered for Lordship, you must Age up and show progress.

- Be active in Chat, and in Forums. Assist less experienced/lower Age’d players.

- Donate troops regularly.

- Get recommended by other Lords.

5. How to get kicked out of the Alliance:

- Bad/foul language or inappropriate comments in chat or Forums.

- Donating troops incorrectly. You will get a Warning the first time. If 2nd time – it may be grounds for immediate dismissal from Alliance. It is vital that we donate troops appropriately as you may be causing more harm donating inferior troops to Higher Age'd players.

- Being inactive (i.e. not attacking) for at least two weeks. We want active players in the Alliance….unless you have notified an active member (i.e. vacation/medical…etc).

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updated the LO5 rules - MikeR210
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