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I'm not a gamer


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How much money are you looking to spend for the buck?

I up graded my card from a Nividia GeForce 2mx to a saphire Ati radion 9600XT. Which worked out well for me on all points.

I am a game player but I didnt want to spend a whole lot of money for the best card. which right now is the 9800 pro card by ATI.

I only spent $145 for mine and I love this card, and the graphics are awsome for photo shop, and any thing else you want to do.

I say check out some of the reviews that can be found in the news forums that Gman has posted in the forums he has pretty much covered all the cards that are

out on the market.

And good luck in what you choose.

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Only reason for an upgrade is for image quality in your case. ATI would be a good choice for that without getting into an expensive card.

Any of the ATI All in Wonder 9xxx would be good and give you more Multi Media capabilities. Or if you don't need TV and stuff then a 9600 Pro or something would be fine.

Since speed isn't a major concern just choose something in your price range and research it. Google up a bunch of reviews for it and see if it will work for what you want.

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I love the graphics on mine but bruce is right you can pick the 9200se up for a lot cheaper.

Mine is better than whatching regular TV and I am sporting the 9600XT which at the time I got it for $10.00 less than the pro.

But if graphics are all that you are into then I would spend the extra money only if you want to but you dont have to.

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You don't need a great vid card. But for good image quality the ones we've suggested would be good.

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Check out this search string from newegg. You can get the 9600SE for under 70.00 US. If you are not a gamer... thats a cheap route to go.

You can even go with the Nvidia 5200... They are a cheap alternative also.

ATI: http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-125-120&depa=1

Nvidia: http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-135-122&depa=1

Mind you that both of these cards should be available in your local stores. I know for a fact Staples carries them. I am also willing to bet that Walmart does too.

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I'd keep your TNT before I'd get a Nvidia 5200.

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