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So I have an idea for our plan moving forward on the Wonder construction.  We're almost done with the archer towers requirement for Kizhi Pogost (2969/3350 as of writing this post) but only 16.6/29 million done for food donations.

Since we're going to need a lot of resources looted to get Basilica of San Vitale upgraded, I was thinking that I could switch between the two so our looting goes towards the goal for Basilica while our donations can still go to Kizhi.  Here are a few options I've considered.  Please give feedback on what you think might be a good approach:

  1. Determine a rotation of Lords that are online at different times of day that can hand off the title of Emperor so there will always be someone online to change the Wonder on request.  For this strategy, the Wonder would primarily be set to Basilica of San Vitale level 2 and could be changed on request to Kizhi to allow for food donations.
    • Pros: Easy to make progress on both wonders simultaneously
    • Cons: Current Emperor must have level 2 embassy in order for the plan to work, might be hard to coordinate a good rotation
  2. I'll leave the Wonder set to Kizhi Pogost for the stretch of the day that I'm offline and switch to Basilica of San Vitale when I'm online.  I can still switch on request to Basilica if shims wish to donate while I'm online.
    • Pros: No extra coordination needed to switch Wonder, less micro-managing of when to switch
    • Cons: We'll miss out on some potential progress on Basilica

Those are the best two ideas I've had so far.  Please let me know what you think of those plans or if you have another plan to propose.

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I'd go with Option One.

Loot food, for one Wonder, then switch and donate to the other. That is how other alliances do it.

Nothing wrong with handing off Emperor to other trusted Lords to assist with switching Wonders. Plus, someone will always be available to switch!


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