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hard drive CRASHED


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Okay this is how it happened, I restarted my computer saturday night. After doing that My disk checker thingy came on and said that my fat32 system was messed up, and that windows could not start.

Now I am having the hardest time trying to get windows loaded back up.

I had Dell come out and replace my hard drive for free. It took 4 hours loading windows ME last knight, after that the only thing that started was safe mode. Have you ever tryed to surf the web in safe mode? It sucks. So I decided to try and load XP's upgrade and that has been going on since last night. It is still going on and I know that this is not possible.

I am trying to figure if any one has ever had the same problem?

I was wondering if it is comn problem for windows to take so long in loading.

I am running a 40gb hard drive with a 1.5 gb processor and the the motherboard uses rambus Ram 256mb And that is all the info that I can give out, because that is all I know.

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Do a clean install of XP. If you upgrade from ME it'll just cause problems down the road.

Just boot from the XP CD. Choose everything to install it. Delete the C: partition when it asks, then create a partition where you deleted. Select it for the install and it will format and everything. I would suggest the NTFS file system as its more stable.

And NO you don't have to have ME installed first. Sometime during the install it will ask to see the CD to make sure you qualify for the upgrade version is all.

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