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how videocard specs work


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sup all. i have been talking to some peeps about vid cards and i thing i am a little confused about is that a 128mb videocard can be faster than a 256mb card. i have a page for newegg HERE] and notice that some of the 128mb cards are more expensive than the others. could i get a good reference on how this works? and which radeon 9800 128mb card is better than thier 256mb one

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ok, sometimes the 256mb cards use slower memory than their 128meg counterparts, that would explain that.

most cards can not even utilize 256mb memory because the bandwidth isn't there.

an example is a GeForce FX 5200 with 256mb RAM getting kicked around by a 128mb 9800pro.

DOOM III is the first game I know of that can use more than 256mb of memory. most don't even overload the 128meg cards.

the radeon 9800pro 128mb is an extremely good deal right now FYI

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the ram on my radeon 9800 Pro 256 is 2.8ns ram chips. Dunno if the 9800 Pro 128 is faster than this. Of course my card also has a r360 core. not the r350. ;)

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