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Wonder Level 2 Poll


Alice in Wonder-land  

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  1. 1. Which level 2 wonder upgrade should we work toward first?

    • Khizi Pogost - Advanced Scouting
    • Khizi Pogost - Sound the Alarm
    • Tower of London - Poison the Well
    • Tower of London - Reserve Force
    • Basilica of San Vitale - Expropriation
    • Basilica of San Vitale - Expansion

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First of all, I'd like to start off by saying GREAT JOB on wonder construction everybody!  We've been making great progress and are well on pace to be the first branch of the alliance to construct all 3 wonders.  With that in mind, we need to plan for what boost we want to unlock next.  For a detailed analysis of each one, please refer to the awesome post created by Shacronire: http://forums.computingondemand.com/topic/39526-wonder-details-and-analysis-updated-117/

In order to begin construction of level 2 wonders, we'll need to upgrade embassies to level 2 which takes 200,000 stone and 5 days to build so there will be slow progress during this transition period.  Age 7 is also required in order to upgrade an embassy to level 2 so there are 10 members currently in age 5 or 6 that would need to age up before being able to build it.  While constructing wonders is important, I don't want to force anybody to age up before they're comfortable so it will not initially be a requirement to have a level 2 embassy for the alliance but could be in the future.

My personal choice for the first level 2 boost to go after is Expansion as it provides a boost to production which will be universally helpful to all members of the alliance.  Read up on Shacronire's analysis (link above) and see which one sounds good to you!

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Well, it looks like we've got our next wonder goal set.  For reference, here are the tasks we'll need to complete to unlock the boost:

Upgrade Basilica of San Vitale to level 2

  • Task 1: Loot a total of 250,000,000 resources of any type in multiplayer battles.
  • Task 2: Donate a total of 42,250,000 Stone in increments of 125,000 for wonder construction.


  • Task 1: Destroy 6,975 Ballista/Cannon Towers in multiplayer battles.
  • Task 2: Donate a total of 112,000,000 Food by increments of 275,000 for wonder construction.
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