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Mem Usage


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Sup guys

Once i've fixed my heat issue, i put all of the games back on. Everything's great except Call of Duty. Here's my prob

Runs fine for like a map or 2 in multi, single player is terrible period. Used to run perfectly smooth. It runs very jumpy and laggy, computer laggy kind. Smooth is not the adjective.

I put up with the jumpiness for long enough that it just stops, and a little icon in the bottom right hand corner appears and says that the system has run out of "virtual memory," and has stopped all programs from using more memory to allocate more. So i figure somehow Call of Duty is eating it up. Play with the game in a smaller screen so that i can watch the ctrl alt del screen, and Call of Duty just grows constantly. Tac ops stays around 90,000k, ut2k4 runs fine although i havn't checked out it's numbers. Call of duty is at 40,000 while in the menu, then jumps to around 180,000 while in a game, then just grows from there by 200 a second. Which explains why it runs fine for a while then slowly goes to hell.

My house computer doesn't do this with Call of Duty (stays around 80,000), and i've got all the ingame settings the same. And Call of Duty did run fine on my computer before, i've only changed BIOS.

My laptop:

Radeon 9000 64Mb

3.06 ghz intel4

512 Ram

40 gig HD

Windows XP Pro

My house:

Radeon 9700 Pro 128Mb

850 Mhz AMD Athlon

512 Ram

40 gig GH

Windows XP Pro

Why is the freaking thing growing on meh???


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I came across these links, hopefully one of them will help:




I don't know if those will help, but that's the best I could find. Nothing specifically addresses memory usage during gaming.

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