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Eject players that dont build an embassy?


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Personally, I think we should be ejecting anyone who hasn't built an Embassy by the end of the month.

I am working double time on 2 accounts right now to try to get stars up for everyone, and at the last count 18 members hadn't even started one.

An embassy takes 2 days and only 15,000 stone to build.  I did it easily on my second account at Age 5. So the only reason I can think of people aren't are either:

(a) they don't want to, or

(b) they don't understand.

What does everyone else think?

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This is a valid point that I had actually been considering myself.  Luckily we're doing much better now and only have 8 members (as of the check ~8 hours ago) who haven't at least started construction of an embassy.  I threw everything in a spreadsheet this morning when I checked but I know there has already been some churn in the membership but I at least know which 8 players to keep an eye on once we determine the course of action.

I'll be sure to bring this up at the weekly leadership meeting a little over an hour from now.

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