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Crown Requirements


Change In Crown Policies  

11 members have voted

  1. 1. Should we increase the minimum crown requirement for LO4 membership?

    • No, leave it at 200.
    • Yes, raise it to 250.
    • Yes, raise it even higher than 250!
  2. 2. Should we institute a kicking policy for players that fall below the alliance minimum?

    • No, only kick players for inactivity.
    • Yes, kick players after 1 week of failing to maintain the alliance minimum.
    • Yes, immediately kick players that fall more than 50 crowns below the alliance minimum.
    • Yes, both policies above.

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As many of you know, we've pushed our way back onto the leaderboard and are steadily climbing.  We have a solid group of shims now that are fairly active.

In order to maintain our growth, I'm considering making some changes to our minimum crown policies.

Before I do anything I'd like to get feedback on whether this is what other shims in the alliance wants.  I don't want to make the alliance too competitive but I want to keep everyone motivated to play and improve.

Let me know what you think by answering the polls above!

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To be honest though, our alliance is appealing to me as it is ambitious but all about taking along everyone in the group and making them better. So if someone is trying to improve then they should be assisted and not kicked. That said, trying is based on not just attacking but also asking in chat/ forums/ etc. 

To summarize, boot the following

1. If not active for 1 week/ 10 days without intimation

2. If not able to maintain 200 crowns AND not trying/ asking for help/ heeding help.

LO 5 (or maybe LO6 now?) should help the #2 Shims in getting better and moving back. 

Regarding crown counts, 200 vs 250 is nothing. We should think 350 vs. 200 as a change. Are we ready for that?

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Urmom I have booted alot of shim lately like 4-5 shim and I kicked them bcoz they were inactive for 30-40 days.

I had informed boorish to rise crown but is still below crown minimum but I didn't kick him bcoz I think active shim is better than a zombie

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These limits for booting aren't anything set in stone.  If a player is actively trying to improve, they'll definitely get more leniency than someone who never asks for help.

As for making a more severe jump in crown requirements, I think it's better to slowly bump it up 50 at a time instead of a sudden shock of 150 above what we're currently at.

I definitely expect some growing pains as we try to ensure that we have more players that are active and trying to improve but the end result should be a stronger alliance.

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