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Post your 2500+ oc's in here!


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Nice OC there!

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Wow... Definitely a nice OC. Great temps for 2.1vcore! Yikes, hopefully it doesn’t go out on you. What are the load temps?

My 2500+ will only hit 2.3 (same exact heatsink but a panaflo low speed 80mm) at 1.75vcore. I would rather not take it up any higher though since I run [email protected] and the temps can get a little high. Running it on a dfi ultra infinity.

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Unlocked Barton 2500+: On A7N8X-DLX2.0 it ran 2.2GHz at 1.75

On K7S8XE+: Runs at 2.1GHz at 1.73 (Overvolt gives me 1.73, no more. Unstable at 2.4)

XP-M 2400+ 35w: On A7N8X DLX 2.0 runs 2.5GHz at 1.75, 2.4GHz at 1.7 and 2.3GHz at 1.59. I'll take the 200MHz loss to keep my fan slow and quiet.

TBred 2200+: on 8RGA+: 2GHz (wow)

On AN35N Ultra: 1.83GHz (stock)

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