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ladderman question


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hello, I have a question dealing with ladderman. What do they do when there is a double thick wall? Do they climb up, then down, then up second wall, and down second wall? Or do they climb up wall cross over to second wall and down the second wall?

thanks for any replies :D


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I am 98% confident that they run across the top of double and triple walls, then climb down. Keep in mind that they have to fight and kill any wall troops they encouter before they can proceed. A double line of champions (blue guys) will hold them up considerably for example, and while fighting on a wall your laddermen may be vulnerable to tower fire. 

Also, say that you target a tower that's embedded in or is next to the second wall, they will have to climb down before they begin to attack at ground level. They won't attack the roof, if you get what I mean

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