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What a Wonder!  

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  1. 1. Which wonder should we build first?

    • Kizhi Pogost
    • Basilica of San Vitale
    • Tower of London

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As many of you are aware, one of the future features planned for the game are Wonders.  In order to build them, we'll have to work together.  Since we can only work on one at a time, it's important that we decide now which one we want to start with.  Below are breakdowns of the 3 options available.  Please vote in the poll above on which one you'd like.

Kizhi Pogost



Level 1

  • Brace the walls: Grants a bonus to health of all walls for duration of power.

Level 2

  • Sound the alarm: When your keep is first damaged, all inactive patrol points and guard houses activate, guard house deploy time shortens, and a squad of engineers deploys from the keep.
  • Advanced Scouting: Allows a player to see traps during castle scout phase. Traps will become invisible again once combat begins.

Basilica of San Vitale



Level 1

  • Trade Envoy: The daily gold reward to roads is increased.

Level 2

  • Expropriation: Extra pennants are awarded when attacking a building that pennants can be looted from.
  • Expansion: Farms, mills and quarries all produce extra resources.

Tower of London



Level 1

  • Raise the colors: Decoy objects can be deployed during attacks. Enemy troops in range will attack the decoy until it is destroyed. Surviving decoy objects remain in the defender’s castle for 24 hours to remind them of your victory.

Level 2

  • Poison the well: Defending troops (except for relief forces) receive a penalty to health and damage.
  • Reserve force: Allows for extra troops to be deployed at the end of the fight.
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I agree to donvin ...as LO4, ( considering current Situation) is an offensive alliance..who believes in attacking as the best kind of defence...i d go for attack first ...then defence ...n then resources...so at Level 1... 

#1 : Tower of London

#2: Kizhi Pogost

#3:Basilica of San Vitale

Will vote on that too...rest still in suspense how it all s gonna work


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Looks like it's currently neck and neck between Tower of London and Kizhi Pogost.  I think either would be good.  I wonder if they'll release stats for how much HP the decoys have and how much the defense boost to walls is when the update comes out.

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Well I'd fly against the prevailing winds here, but I'd always go for the resource wonder, for the same reason that one should upgrade farms,mills and quarries after an Age Up. Extra gold every day times 50 members is a lot of gold, and if we donate that towards wonder creation then before long we'll all be getting extra resources from level 2.

More resources = upgrades quicker = better defences/attacks.

I'm not convinced how effective the other two would be.
"Brace the walls" sound useless.
"Sound The Alarm" sounds OK.
"Advanced Scouting" sounds meh.

"Raise the colors" sounds OK, but I'm not convinced it would take long to destroy when released.
"Poison the well" has the "except relief forces" clause, so no.
"Reserves" - not sure what they'd be able to achieve once you've lost all the troops you came in with.

I VOTE BASILICA cos there's never a negative to more stuff for free.


i say tower of london first as level 1 sounds like the most advantageous of the level 1 wonders

Think long and hard about how many walls attackers actually have to take down...not many. It might take them a few seconds longer, but that's all.

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Sorry everyone, but I felt the need to vote in my former Alliance...good job by the way to everyone in LO4!

One day I will be by your side again...

But here's my take on this subject:

Agree with majority of what NRawl posted above.

I'm all about getting extra gold daily, and farms, mills and quarries all producing extra resources. I have no need for pennants anymore though.  

The defense bonus from the Kizhi Pogost sounds ok, but it may help an attacker only get one star vs. two/three in the end. Lots of good attackers out there that can take what they want regardless of defense. Plus, winning on defense really isn't as much of a win as you think. You get a few hours of PT and crowns - but attacker still takes loot.

The Attacking bonus' from Tower of London sounds ok as far as Raising the Colors, but I currently kite troops with a squad of Mamluks...it's been working out so far. Poison the Well - sounds good...but again, effective kiting with a Mamluk is probably all you need to remove the enemy troops out of the equation. Reserve force - maybe helpful for those with small army size...or those close to getting that 2nd/3rd star...Reserve force sounds good to me.

Comparing all three - I still find more value in building the Basilica of San Vitale.


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