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Defense statistics of a keep outside player

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Hey shims.

i saw some statistics in the aoe forum about keeping your keep outside. As i am playing this tactic too i made some graphs:

i analysed 41 attacks in total.

in the first picture you can see how much ressources i lost in average depending on the percent that an attacker could destroy. you can read the first part: 0 stars (failed connection), he destroyed 2 % and the bars shows how much ressources he got. only 1 attacks had a failed connection.

20 attacks were under 10 %



in the second chart you can see how much food i could reproduce during the peace treaty in total.


very interesting is the 0 star failure. the attacker could only destroy 2 building and the peace treaty was so small that i could not reproduce enough resources as if he would have destroyed my keep.

you can also see that if you were attacked over 15 % it is very hard to reproduce the lost resources.


finally i will keep my keep outside and hope that the devs will change something about the actual PT/battle system that it will be worth to win defensive battles.


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I too saw this Risk, and I've tried putting my Keep outside of the Walls...

But seemed half the time, the attacker decides to go all out and get that second star from me...:(

So I don't know how it fares with players like me that have the higher crown counts. I have to HOPE that the attacker simply goes for my keep and moves on.

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hey mike. i checked your defense log: 4 def. win of 40. and 2 have been snipers. i would replace the keep outside. there are a lot of people only going for fast crowns and if you will only get 10 of them it is better than getting 0 of them... and every attacker will at least get 20 % if he uses heros and trebs...


maybe you can give it another try... :)

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I just moved my Keep outside the other day.  The main downside I've noticed is that before the change there were occasions where I'd have to log off for an hour or two and there was a chance I might not get attacked during that time.  That seems extremely unlikely with a outside Keep (and ~3k crowns).

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hey Shacronire. Before the 1.13 patch it was possible to get not attacked within 1-2 hours. but right now within 5 minutes i am attacked... but most of the times its only 2 % and they do not take many resources and i am ok with that. to get a lot of crowns it is a little bit harder.

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Pretty good I think.

At the expense of my precious crowns - I'm accumulating resources at a good rate. Took a while to drop crowns low enough to where attackers only go for your keep.

I started Friday Morning 10/15...and so far, my tally is as follows: 

Food:  1,554,100

Wood:  1,296,297

Stone: 675,657

The figures above are NET amounts....meaning the amounts I've looted (including amounts in Keep Chest) MINUS the Loot taken from me on defense.

Doesn't include my production figures...which majority are maxed except for two Mills...but all my Farms and Quarries are maxed...as is my Production tech boosts.

I've been able to start Two cannon upgrades (450K each), a catapult emplacement upgrade (950K), Ram upgrade (1.65 m), Mill upgrade (900K), a handful of Level 11 Wall units (42.5k)...

My preferred targets have been Stone so I look for targets with over 20K...but every now and then I snipe Targets high in Wood/Food too where they have bldgs. unprotected.

I may continue until I have more of my Def towers upgraded more.


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oh these figures look really good and you could ugrade so much in that short time! respect!


i put my keep inside that Bert can revenge me and won directly 5 battles in row. No long peace treaties any more and my ressources are gone^^ after the revenge the keep will come directly outside again ;)

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