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Hello Warriors...well, Yday i was reading an article by a Leading  Entrepreneur From Singapore about His book....the First Quote was...


And here the problem is " Disconnection" which is universal..and cannot be questioned either...

I ve bin trying this system on my lumia phone and its giving me 100% result whenever i use it...and go through the attack without any disconnection.


When the troops are ready. Heroes have Trained and Mentally you are motivated enough to take down those shims ...here are few steps to be taken right before attack......

Step 1 : LUMIA USERS....Drop down the notification Window 

Step 2 : Open Setting  => System

Step 3 : Scroll down and select Mobile + Sim

Step 4 : Scroll down and select the Box Highest Connection Speed mentioning either 3G or 4G.

Step 5: If its 3G drop down and select 4G , If its already 4G Directly follow Step 6

Step 6: Now Drop Down again and select 3G . if the phone is in good 3G network wit will connect to a 3G Network in moments.

Now get back to game or restart the game n go ahead with your attack ...

same Procedure is with IOS users ...as they need to switch OFF and then again ON the High speed 3G Option given in Network settings in setting menu.


PS. Its not that i dont get disconnected but now whenever it happens ...its mainly coz either i  forget or too busy to use this PUSH feature  before an attack. Otherwise it works for me. It is also a test too to check the strength of network before going in for an Attack...

For now...That it Shims...

HUNT .....WIN ....RISE...











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Stanly u will loss battle in one or the other way. If not from disconnection then it will be due to lack of battery in your phone do u normally play the game with 3% battery. It's so bcoz I had some bad experience with low battery and battery went down while I was battling.


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Goofy ...well i learned that at a very early stage when i use to run out of power in between battles to always ensure my battery to be above 20% before i go  for an attack....well usually an attack uses 5% of ur battery at a time but its the battle search that consumes most of time and battery, sometimes i had to keep searching for about 45 min...for the right kind of opponent...and then recruiting new troops checking chats and stats...takes rest of the battery.... The re-fortification is the most battery consuming process.., n the .i ve seen battery drop from 100 to 10% in 30 min while rearranging  the castle.... 

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