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K, how geeky do I feel? I sent a memo to Newegg because they had the Athlon 64 3000+ listed as having the Clawhammer core. It is actually the Newcastle core. I told them it was wrong. Someone go to Newegg now and look up the Athlon 64 processors. The core for the 3000+ is no longer listed at all, the 3200/3400 still have the correct core of Clawhammer. Woot! I made Newegg change something.

Here is a snip of their reply to my e-mail:

"Your email has been forwarded to our product support department to review. Once they investigate this issue they will make any changes necessary to the item description and/or photos in order to rectify this situation. Any update should be in effect by the end of the business day tomorrow so please check our website periodically for changes.

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