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Age Strategy (Age 6)


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Hey guys, I was thinking it would be interesting to lay down our strategies for each of the ages so the new shims in our alliance can learn from that. Starting off with Age 6 strat, would be great if the more active guys can lay down their thoughts. 

Age 6: This is a very interesting age as you can pretty much unlock all the heroes and also have Knight Templars and other advanced soldiers around to use. You also come up against seasoned players with decent defences so you need to start building an attack strategy which will set you by for the future. In my opinion, this is the most important age to set up well in if you wanna have a high crown count in the future. 

Phase 1: As soon as you reach Age 6 (assuming you have maximized relevant age 5 upgrades like towers, etc)

  • Upgrade silo/ lumberyards to 225K as that is enough for most major upgrades; Upgrade farms & mills
  • Get a good closed defensive layout (quite a few examples in our alliance)
  • Upgrade your favorite attacking players (mine are Knight Templars)
  • Upgrade all your favorite offensive (and only those, mine were cav, blue men, pikemen, composite archers)
  • Unlock Heroes (go after penants in the battles. See Stanley's post on hero combinations for ideas; I upgraded Martel at the first chance I got & trying to get Edwards/ Nevsky)
  • DONT UPGRADE WALLS: If you upgrade too much, then you will get much tougher shims and will not have an easy win ride
  • Get army camp up to 52 capacity
  • DONT INSTALL Treb placement & Fire tower: with a decent layout, they are not as necessary. You can do them in Phase 2, I am keeping them for Ph 3
  • Make sure your watch tower has space for 12 troops & placed strategically

Phase 2: When most of the critical upgrades are done and you have hit a nice stride in attack

  • Upgrade walls to medium as you can now handle higher shims with your upgraded offence
  • Start upgrading army camps
  • Start upgrading stone resources
  • Start upgrading towers
  • DONT DO: Dont take silos & lumberyards to the next level; upgrades can still be managed with sub 200K levels
  • I am going to do Treb & fire tower near the end

Phase 3: Prep for age 7

  • Upgrade all resource structures to max
  • Upgrade all towers
  • Install all towers
  • Upgrade walls to comfortable level (do it in phases so you can see the effect on the level of opposition)

I am still in Ph 2 but this is my plan. Please add your thoughts, etc here guys. 

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imho: the two most important Age 6 upgrades are unlocking the 2nd hero slot (University), and getting Trebs. By the time you have reached Age 6, you're facing castles with strong walls and many ballistas/catapults and even trebuchets.  You be able to keep up, you need something that punches walls hard.  Like trebs.


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