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Gman's 64 bit shiznit

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K, I enabled Cool n' Quiet, which throttles back your cpu when not in use, my multiplier changed to 4 but my fsb stayed at 215. At least this way im not running at 2150 all the time. Also, my temps changed. CPU - 26c, Case - 28c

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K, nvm. I turned it off for about an hour and now it's working like a dream.

Holy crap, had to edit this one. Since I restarted and had cool n quiet enabled I checked my temps again w/corecenter and mbm. I know you won't believe me so I will attach a screenie for proof. Look at my friggin temps! Also notice the speed. Cool n quiet throttles back the cpu accordig to usage and adjusts the vcore as well. It is 200x4 when idle. No, I can't tell any lag when it ramps up.

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