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What would YOU build?


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OK, here is the hypothetical question! You are given the following items to build yourself the best gaming system you can! What would you build and where would you get it?!! GET THE IDEA??

OK, here is what you have:

1-dvd rw drive

1-cd rom drive

1- floppy drive!

you are also given $850.00, what would your ideal gaming system be for this amount and with these items? You have nothing but these items and money, you need to build a pc from scratch! This includes everything needed to OBLITERATE oponents on TAC!!! and do the occasional homework!

DT you are not to respond to this!

Everyone else remember, I could take your ideas and use them for myself! I just wanna know what people look for in GAMING pc equipment. This should be YOUR ideas and so forth! Maybe we can start a good conversation about this stuff!

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I'll do some research on that. But until the Prescott comes out I'd wait. Prices will probly drop in the next few weeks when its released.

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That's prolly a good idea, unless you can't wait like me:P

You could visit pricewatch first and check for the lowest prices. Look for no less than 40GB HDD, nforce2(ASUS) and 2500 Barton. PC2700 RAM, Kingston, Radeon 9600XT and a 17" CRT from Tigerdirect.

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Big Ram System:


Case: ANTEC Life Style Series Black Case With 380W Power Supply, Model "Sonata"


Case Type: Full Tower

Color: Piano Black

Material: 1mm SECC Steel

Drive Bays: 3x5.25" & 6x3.5"

Expansion Slots: 7

Front Ports: 2xUSB & 1xIEEE1394

Power Supply: 380W

Cooling System: 1x120mm Fans

Mainboard Compatibility: 12"x9.6"

Dimensions: 16.75"x18.25"x8.13"

Newegg Price: $107.00

Hard Drive: Western Digital Special Edition 80GB 7200RPM IDE Hard Drive, Model WD800JB, OEM Drive Only


Capacity: 80GB

Average Seek Time: 8.9 ms

Buffer: 8MB

Rotational Speed: 7200 RPM

Interface: IDE ULTRA ATA100

Features: High-performance with 8MB Buffer

Manufacturer Warranty: 3 year

Remark: OEM Drive Only

Newegg Price: $73.00

Cables: 24" IDE ATA 100/66 3-Connector Flat Cable OEM

For IDE Hard Drive, CD ROM, DVD ROM or CDRW.

Need two and a floppy cable.

Newegg Price: $1.99 each+shipping= $18.00 (unless you have or can get these)

Speakers: Logitech Z640 5.1 Speakers Retail


Configuration: 5.1

Power Output: 71.2 watts RMS(Satellite speakers power output:45.5 watts RMS;Subwoofer power output:25.7 watts RMS)

Frequency Response: 35Hz -20kHz

Signal to noise ratio: >75dB

Remote: Wired Remote Control

Features: Experience Dolby Digital sound for music, movies and games, Innovative, dual-chamber subwoofer delivers twice the bass energy of similar subwoofers, Magnetic shielding in speakers protects your equipment

Newegg Price: $65.00

Sound Card: Hercules 7.1 Channel PCI Sound Card, Model "GameSurround Fortissimo III 7.1" -RETAIL


Channels: 7.1

DSP: Cirrus Logic SoundFusion CS4624

Max Sampling Rate: 20-bit/48kHz

Hardware Decode: Dolby Digital EX

Hardware Plophony: 64 Voices

PC Interface: PCI2.1

External Connectors: Front Out,Rear Out,Center/LFE Out,Back Surround Left and Right Out/Headphones Out,Line in/Mic in,MIDI/Game port,Optical Digital S/PDIF Out

Internal Connectors: CD-in,CD-in 2,Aux-in,S/PDIF in

Special Features: Sensaura based 3D positional Audio with support for Microsoft DirectSound® 3D, EAX™ 1.0, EAX™ 2.0, A3D™ 1.0, I3DL2™ , MacroFX™ , MultiDrive™ , ZoomFX™ , EnvironmentFX™

Newegg Price: $45.00

Memory: Kingston ValueRAM Dual Channel Kit 184 Pin 1G (512MBx2) DDR PC-3200 - Retail


Manufacturer: Kingston

Speed: DDR400 (PC3200)

Type: 184 Pin DDR SDRAM

Error Checking: Non-ECC

Registered/Unbuffered: Unbuffered

Cas Latency: 3

Support Voltage: 2.6V

Bandwidth: 3.2GB/s

Organization: two 64M x 64 -Bit

Warranty: Lifetime

Newegg Price: $156.00

Video Card: POWERCOLOR RADEON 9600PRO Video Card, 128MB DDR, 128-bit, DVI/TV-Out, 8X AGP, Model "R96A-C3N" -RETAIL


Chipset/Core Speed: RADEON 9600PRO/400MHz

Memory/Effective Speed: 128MB DDR/600MHz

BUS: AGP 1X/2X/4X/8X

Ports: VGA Out(15 Pin D-Sub)+TV-Out(S-Video Out)+DVI connector

Support 3D API: DirectX®9, OpenGL®2.0

Cable/Accessories: 3 Cables, 2 CD, Manual

Max [email protected] Color: [email protected]

Newegg Price: $144.00

Motherboard: ABIT nForce2 Ultra 400 Chipset Motherboard for AMD Socket A CPU, Model "NF7-S V2" -RETAIL


Supported CPU: AMD K7 Duron/Athlon/Athlon XP Processors

Chipset: NVIDIA nForce2 Ultra 400+MCP-T

FSB: 266/333/400MHz

RAM: 3x DIMM for Max 3GB DDR333/266/200,2x DIMM for Max 2GB DDR400

IDE: 2x UltraDMA 33/66/100/133 up to 4 Devices

Slots:1x AGP 8X/4X, 5x PCI

Ports: 2xPS2,2xCOM,1xLPT,SPDIF Out,6xUSB2.0(Rear 2),2xIEEE1394a header,Audio Ports

Onboard Audio: 6-Channel AC97 CODEC

Onboard LAN: 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet

Onboard SATA/RAID: 2x Serial ATA,RAID 0

Form Factor:ATX

Newegg Price: $98.00

Processor: AMD Athlon XP 2500+ "Barton", 333 FSB, 512K Cache Processor - Retail


Model: AMD Athlon XP 2500+

Core: Barton

Operating Frequency: 1.83GHz

FSB: 333MHz

Cache: L1/64K+64K; L2/512K

Voltage: 1.65V

Process: 0.13Micron

Socket: Socket A

Multimedia Instruction: MMX, SSE, 3DNOW!, 3DNOW!+

Packaging: Retail Box (Heatsink and Fan included)

Newegg Price: $90.00

Grand Total: $796.00


Everything the same except for motherboard and processor.

Motherboard: Asus 865PE Chipset Motherboard for Intel Socket 478 CPU, Model "P4P800" -RETAIL


Supported CPU: Socket 478 Intel Pentium 4/Celeron Processors

Chipset: Intel 865PE + ICH5R

FSB: 800/533/400MHz

RAM: 4x DIMM support Dual Channel DDR400/333/266 Max 4GB

IDE: 2x UltraDMA 100/66 up to 4 Devices

Slots: 1x AGP 8X, 5x PCI

Ports: 2xPS2,1xCOM,1xLPT,1xLAN,SPDIF Out,8xUSB2.0(Rear 4),Audio Ports

Onboard Audio: AD1985 6-Channel Codec

Onboard LAN: 3COM Gigabit Ethernet

Onboard SATA/RAID: 2x Serial ATA 150,RAID 0

Form Factor: ATX

Newegg Price: $106.00

Processor: Intel Pentium 4/ 2.4C GHz 800MHz FSB, 512K Cache, Hyper Threading Technology - Retail


Model: Intel Pentium 4 2.4C w/ Hyper Threading

Core: Northwood

Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz

FSB: 800MHz

Cache: L1/12K+8K; L2/512K

Voltage: 1.525V

Process: 0.13Micron

Socket: Socket 478

Multimedia Instruction: MMX, SSE, SSE2

Warranty: 3 years

Packaging: Retail

Newegg Price: $163.00

Grand Total: $877.00 slightly over budget

I sure hope you can use your old keyboard/mouse and monitor. Because if you need them too we’re in trouble. :rolleyes:

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wow, you really did research!! I forgot one thing! You do have a 5.1 surround sound system for this pc already if that helps!!! SORRY, I have memory lapses...what was I talkin about? :D

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Whatever you do set yourself up for SATA Raid on the motherboard, cuz theres nothing that says lovin like 2 raptors in your oven :D

Other than that I think you can skimp on the case to save some $

Bought 3 of these for computers at work..


I would only do 512 mb total of ram and with the previous savings go for a 9800 Pro

Maybe go with a cheaper 40gb 8mb cache WD HD if you know for sure your going raptors when u get the $

I also bought 3 2500+ for work too, good choice. Dont go intel if your on a small budget, as you can see from RB's work up they are more $

If you have extra moneda get a GOOD power supply, well worth the money since its your main power plant and epicenter of stability, the case I noted above does come in a version w/o PSU.


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Thank you everyone for input...Digital Terror is actually in charge of buildin me a New PC (see his thread!) I just wanted some input so I could get a little knowledge on what others think too! I trust DT's judgement and all...But I wanted to get other peopels preferences too! I know DT will build me the best for the LITTLE amount I have given him!!! I know my money is safe too...he wont even let ME use it!!!! HEHEHE AGAIN THANKS EVERYONE AND MY GRATITUDE GOES OUT TO DT FOR HELPIN THE PC ILLITERATE!! i KNOW BASICS AND HE IS HELPIN ME OUT! LIKE I SAID I JUST WANTED SUGGESTIONS ON HOW TO GET BEST BANG FOR BUCK AND TO SEE OTHERS PREFERRED EQUIPMENT!! I may not know much about computers but I could tear a Dodge engine down and replace it (FORD is next!!!) (dang Mustang!) OR I could risk DT's life to stop a vehicle for equipment violation!!! :rolleyes:

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You need more that 50ft to stop when you are going 80mph.

Punk! I bet dirt fell of your bumper and hit there car.



HEHEHE, had PLENTY OF ROOM!!! could have fit a whole pice of paper in there! :D:P

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