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hello all,

this is my farewell speech (sort of) for my LO 3 companion.When I started the game it was nice but with less active shim in alliances I joined namely Naruto. Then one day was searching for alliance in leader board & I liked the name bcoz in previous alliance no one used to donate me troops and help in attack. Then I joined LO 3 &first thing I asked in alliance was for troops & the magic was my watch tower was filled with troops within minutes.That made me believe that this is the alliance I would stay but eventually I started liking this alliance bcoz here I learned alot which I would have never learned if I was in other alliance.Even I received help from Bbq & Mike and now bcoz of Lo I have more than 1K crowns and its all bcoz of u guys. Now I think I should do the same for LO 5 & I am joining Lo 5.


Please guys wish me good luck.


your faithful member,


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