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The End of an Era...


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So after today, there will be some changes in the Leftover family of alliances...

First, a new Emperor will be elected to run LO5!

Second, our glorious "founder" and leader KJB1873 will surrender his title to none other than LO's very own Bruceleeon. A changing of the guard.

Just wanted wish you good luck, "Sire"...aka KJB...and hope you come back every once in a while to drop in during some of the Leadership meetings, or chime in to the forums...or heck, even visit each alliance when you get a chance! 

Don't forget about us!  *sniff, sniff...I'm not good at saying good bye*

But we'll make sure to keep running The Leftovers alliances as you would see fit...and we won't disappoint you.

All Hail KJB!

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Thanks, Mike and MAG! I won't be gone forever, and I know that everything will go just fine with leadership being in other hands. I have fully supported each choice for emperor and lord, and I know that each will work towards growing LO farther. This is only a temporary goodbye, and I will return soon! Until then, good luck and happy hunting!

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KJB made an appearance recently, it was around the Columbus Day holiday...I chatted with him in-game, and I believe Bruce chatted with him as well.

Shim seemed to be doing well, and was logged  into game during his holiday break.

So I'm sure next chance KJB is on another Holiday break, he'll make an appearance!

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