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Emperor Elections for LO5!

LO5 Leadership  

22 members have voted

  1. 1. Who shall reign?

    • Starbeast007
    • MiddleAged Guy (or OldGreying Guy)
    • Shacronire
    • Sblounskched

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ya I know why "starbreast" doesn't want to be the emperor & I think we should help him by giving emperor title to MAG. BUT when MAG is not able to handle or I out of commission then starbeast will serve as emperor for time being

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Only 18 members have voted. THAT SUCKS. Sorry, cap lock was stuck. We have about 150 LO members. This is a crummy turnout. Talk it up in the chat people. I say we keep the polls open either for 2 more days or go into sudden death overtime.

Agreed, our members need to be in here with us.

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lol, well it is now a tie again. Now sure if I am still the official Announcer of these elections, so who do we allow to win, my fellow Lords and Emperors? The well-traveled Starbeast, or the willing and able MAG? Both are great candidates, we just need a tie breaker!

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Obviously what's happened is people got confused and voted for StankBooty when they intended to vote for me.  Sometimes StormBees gets abbreviated SB and since my name starts with "Sb", they assumed they were voting for me.  So we can fix the tie by just giving all of SteamBunny's votes to me.

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U haven't done anything wrong to apologize BBQ. I m just angry on the shim who is changing my display name ..i don't know how can someone mess with it ...i mean yeah MAG did created a page for funny possible name that can come from SB but messing with someone's account ...we always use to talk about disciple and good behaviour..and this is just opposite...

we can enjoy by creating topics on others ..but not by messing with someone's A/c

I can't change my own display name and someone else can??, looks like it is doing of someone who is like admin or something like that....No Offence Bruce...i know u won't do it...but then who would??

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Yeah.  Teasing is one thing - and Starbeast, I meant it with good intent.  If I thought you would be angry/offended, I would never do it. 

But tinkering with account details, I agree the line should be drawn before that.  I sincerely apologize Star, I think I helped encourage things to get carried away. 


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Well there it is!  Starbeast has been elected emperor by a single vote!  Thank you too all those who supported me, and thank you to all those who voted! 

Starbeast, you'll make a great emperor!  And, if asked, I will be glad to help out in LO 5. 

p.s.  Someone do the right thing and give Emperor Starbeast his dignity back, restore his name.   ;)


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