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Emperor Elections for LO5!

LO5 Leadership  

22 members have voted

  1. 1. Who shall reign?

    • Starbeast007
    • MiddleAged Guy (or OldGreying Guy)
    • Shacronire
    • Sblounskched

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No way! If StarBreast007 wins, shim is emperor, like it or not! The precedent was set Long ago when you elected me Emperor. You can't shirk your duties that easy shim! Muhahahaha!

That said, I just voted for the OldGreying Guy to help you out. I hope you lose (because that is your wish), but you will find a way to make it work if you win.

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thanx bbq for helping me Lose the election ..And yeah if I won I guess I will have no choice but to accept those duties..anyway I voted MAG ...wooohoo. MAG win the election...

oh. (the S-word)...That's the worst I could have imagined about my spelling ...STARBREAST....Ugh BBQ u will pay for that

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Hey, don't blame me. I was just going by the name on your account. Did you miss that? I thought accountants were supposed to be detail-oriented.

The best part is this: BBQ wasn't even at the meeting when Mike accidently misspelled your name! Out of all of us who participated in your new name, BBQ is the least blameless!

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whoever voted me .I won't let your votes be wasted . If I won I will take my place as emperor in Lo 5 ..But I still feel like one who is more active and have enough time to manage the empire should be the one on the throne ........and that's not me..

....Now seriously some one messed up with my account..I mean how can it suddenly change ?. I don't know if it is possible or not but someone really messed up with my display name.



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Ahhhh...come on starebrat, You'd make a great emperor!  Especially with those Lvl 5 Knights Templar!  :P

Glad to know you are still in the running. 


Oh, and by the way, if we reset the vote, please add Deez Nuts, so I can vote for that shim.

No! Wait!  If elected, I promise to change my game handle to Deez Nuts!  Or, if elected, I promise NOT to change my game handle to Deez Nuts! 

Only you can decide the future of my game handle voters!



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