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setting minimum crown requirements for LO 4

Goofy Panda Z

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as LO 5 is soon going to go in action I had an idea of setting minimum crown requirement for LO 4. This will help in making room for new strong shims in alliance as well as the alliance crown growth will increase ( I assume).The alliance has very strong & active shim like MIKE & MAG but their potential is not used to the maximum as alliance shim r not showing crown growth. So for starter I feel min. Crown requirement should be 50 & shim below that that should be sent to LO 5.

guys correct me if i went wrong somewhere

sorry I just saw I posted same topic 4 times its just that I was facing speed issues for few day now on wifi ?

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I think it might be time to set the bar for LO4 members.

Just wondering though if we set bar at 50 crowns - do we grandfather in existing members?

How will it look to new members if we have a 50 crown minimum, and we have 8 members (currently) below that 50 crown threshold...

I guess we can let them know that they were existing members, and they get a pass...

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I like the idea grandfathering.  But 50 crowns is pretty low.  How many members do we have below 50?  Are we talking about alot?  I mean, it's hard to have a WS and be below 50, isn't it?  And, other than comraderie, there isn't much value in an alliance until you have a WS.  Why not a 100 crown limit?  LO3 is already at a 150.


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