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Why does it take forever for me to load the front page now?

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Also, I think the menu button on the front page is not as self-explanatory as it should be. Ah, on second thought, nvm.

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It loads fine for me. Couple seconds even after clearing my cache.

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I thought I heard at one time the web server was also being used as a game server..

shouldn't make much of a difference. The Coding for the forums uses gzip compression @ Level 1 for the Php(unless B is using 0 or something higher). So page loads should be pretty fast. Anything above level 1 is pointless. and Level 0(disabled) is fine, but you'd get better server response and less bandwidt with level 1.

If you are privy to the Load stats and Mysql/PHP times, then you'd know just how long it takes the server to process the data(not the end user). Also you may look at the Overall Server load to see if the game is causing the problem. Anything under 1.0 is Fine. hell even a little over 1.0 wouldn't make any noticable difference unless there were alot of users(hundreds) surfing the forums/front page and Gaming.

this of course all can change depending on certain variables. Ram, Proc, ect...

As for the Front page script he is using, i don't know, i'd have to take a look at the script to see the overall effect it has on End user speed.

THis is just from experience with running a BB. And does necessarily reflect all server configs. As with dedicated servers you have the ability of Upgrading MySQL, PHP, the Zend Libs. ect... and even tweaking some of the MySQL and PHP settings to optimize it further, depending on your needs.

Also depends on the Game being served, and if compression is on for the files being used as such the Case with unreal games and i'm sure others use it too.)

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It was a problem with Alexa'a site being down and ours trying to get stats from there.

Alexa is back up and its fixed! :lol:

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