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An idea has been recurring to me that the full history of The Leftovers has not been written, and with LO5 coming soon, it is important to look back on our early struggles and write them down for posterity. As such, I am gathering information (dates, names, trivia, etc.) in order to write an informative history of LO and its alliances, so if there is any information you believe will be helpful to this epic, then please send it to me. Also, if others could write up their own experiences and send them to me, that will help me tremendously.

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how lo started..2. Who came up with this cool name for the alliance.3 elections for emperors. 4 days of hellboy.lol . 5 Funny moments in Lo chat . 6 history of Lo Forums.7 Experience of players who are part of lo from the start .8 Bruceleeon working hard for improving the forums.9 Recruitment of players.

I hope it will help


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I need the help of as many shims I can find to send me the history of LO as they remember it! Please private message me if you are willing to participate. For some of you long standing members and/or founding members, if you send me your email, I can add you as an author to the history (Word document). I am also considering allowing some of you young'uns to be reviewers (sort of like beta-testing), just to make sure that everything is flowing smoothly and not going ridiculously overboard. If you wish to participate in that capacity, please send me your email address and I will add you as one who can see the document. Thanks, shims, and happy hunting!


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yeah that's a good idea esbe... Every emperor can give a detailed description about his empire and then by combining all 4 Lo's information we will get real History ........


kjb u will have to work hard for remembering the history...because u even forget that u r a boy ....lol

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Hello, I am MikeR210. I am currently Emperor of The Leftovers 4. Age 9, crown count fluctuating currently between 4K-5K.
I started this game in Late December, 2014...after I got a new phone. I remember hearing about this game, probably on TV or something, I don't really recall. But I downloaded this game, and started playing. I was hooked from the beginning.
I toiled, by myself...advancing, aging up. Not quite sure at times what I was doing, if my attacking was on par, or if my defense was solid. I started participating in the AofE forum somewhere late February. Noticed a lot of the discussions were regarding alliances now that the Watch Tower was coming soon.
After the Watch Tower came out, I decided to build one, and start thinking about joining an alliance so I can take advantage of having those extra troops.
I was having a tough time in Age 7, but still slowly making progress. But in mid March, I posted on the AofE forum telling the AofE community that I was looking for an alliance to join. I was Age 7 player with around 650+ crowns at that time. I thought at the time that it will be a bit more difficult defending my castle as I continue to progress without some relief forces to help out. 
Several alliances replied, but one caught my attention - none other than KJB1873, emperor of an Alliance called The Leftovers. Thought it was a cool name, and as the name implied, I felt I was one of the left over lone wolves after it seemed everybody I was attacking had Watch Signals except me!
From there, I learned and watch replays from players like SwamyKorada (now Hellboy), RiskPremium, Bruceleeon, Ghost, KJB...
It was like a light switch turned on. From there, I was able to advance to Age 8 by Mid-April. And from what I read everywhere, I decided to take my time before advancing to Age 9. In fact today, Aug 7, 2015, I am officially Age 9!
I owe it all to my fellow Leftover shims that really got me going.
More recently, in Mid-June, I was elected to be Emperor of The Leftovers 4. It was the closest election to date. But apparently my campaigning (i.e. mudslinging) might have won it for me!
Regardless, I was honored...first to be nominated, and second that I garnered enough votes!
A month later, after posting on the AofE forums constantly - The Leftovers 4 was filled with members. That was a proud moment. Plus, I knew, this was just the beginning. Now, my next goal is to get The Leftovers 4 into the Top 200 alliance leaderboard. So I try to focus on helping other newer players out, and of course increase my crown count...because perhaps there may be some crown envy from other LO members... (cough...Starbeast007, Bruceleeon...cough).
LMAO. Just kidding, guys.
Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, right?

Before I joined the Leftovers I wandered the seas of AoE Castle Siege for several months, creating alliances (which never amounted to much of anything), and joining others that had cool names, but also didn’t amount to anything. Then one day I decided this was enough. I was about ready to quit playing the game by then since it got extremely lonely all by yourself, and the alliances I’d joined were bland and boring with little to no interaction between the players. So I began browsing the list of top alliances, looking for an alliance that wasn’t full, and with a minimum crown limit I could satisfy. At last I settled on something called The Leftovers. Catchy name. Now let’s see if the alliance is any good.
 My first act as a member of The Leftovers was to promptly donate a bunch of infantry (read: junk troops) to the emperor himself; KJB. He politely informed me that level one infantry really don’t do much for a level eight player, and that I should refrain from donating them again. And so I began to learn life with The Leftovers. What and what not to donate, successful attack strategies, best castle layouts, who was friendly and who to fear… You get the idea. I also learned the blessings of having someone to talk to in the game, and of having a stocked watch signal. I slowly began improving my attacks and, with lots of great advice from other members, my castle layout.
 Not much of anything interesting happened for a while. Just normal life; weird chats, trying to level up and gain crowns and resources. I'm not exactly sure the number of crowns that I gained while living with the LO, but I rose from about #40 to about #4, if that gives you any idea. Then, a few months later, KJB came onto the AoE chat with a request; someone was needed to spend a week or two in the somewhat-newly-created LO4. Rumorz and I were online at the time and, not knowing what exactly was involved, I volunteered. It was agreed I would go for a week, then Rumorz would go for the second week. And so I left the LO and joined LO4.
 It was rather strange switching from an alliance where many players had much more experience than me and I was constantly asking advice, to an alliance where I had more experience than most of the players (except Mike, the emperor, of course), and they were the ones asking advice. However, they were just as hardworking as any of the players in LO, and progressed quickly. In just one short week my time there was up, though, and it was back to LO.
 Upon returning to LO I was promoted to a Lord. I promptly took it upon myself to kick about 9 players (all of whom did need kicked, due to inactivity). Unfortunately that opened wide the door for a few… unsavory(?) characters. Though thankfully some of them left after a while. Nonetheless, lesson learned. (And still being learned, thanks to *cough cough* a few shims who won’t let it go. ?
 A few weeks after my return LO3 lost a bunch of members and fell out of the leaderboards. So I decided to jump ship, since they were close enough that my crowns would boost them into the leaderboards again. Well, that and KJB was by now threatening to kick me for not having seen a movie ?. So I am currently residing in LO3. But it’s not the end of the story. A whole new chapter is just beginning.

The first account is MikeR210 and the second is Blulitangel's. I am having problems with the server at the moment, so I couldn't edit. Here is Vol. 1 of the history of LO. I will try to work more on my personal history while at school, but here is something to keep your hunger present ;)

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We need to polish this document up. I had a copy at one point. The official AOE forum has a post about the history of big alliances and they mean Top 200 teams, but we need to publish our history. Since a lot of the founders are gone, maybe we should give a short version of our history, and list some of the great players who grew up as Leftovers and are now in top tier alliances or retired. Some come home to visit, occasionally.  


How should we respond as a group of alliances? If nobody else wants to help me with this, I will submit something. I plan to add a bunch of links to our forums. One will be my election thread.


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