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This info is available on the Age of Empires: Castle Siege forum, but I am "borrowing" for our use here...

All members of The Leftovers 4 (and other LO alliances), please read these rules that we have put in place to assist you...if any questions - ask me in game chat, or send me a message in these forums...




  1. When attacking any tower, it is best to use 2 different units.  
    1. The first unit is the “meatshield” or distraction and is basically sacrificed in order to draw the tower’s attention away from the second unit.  The best units for meatshields are the blue infantry troops, and Teutonic Knights.  Blue infantry take reduced damage from towers.

    2. The second unit is the one that actually kills the tower.  The best units for this purpose are purple crossbowmen (in Lower Ages), and siege weapons (preferably trebuchets) or Grenadiers. 

  1. Always destroy any vulnerable defensive buildings as soon as possible.  If you can relatively easily get to their Watch Towers, Guardhouses(GH), Catapults, or Trebuchet, destroy those as soon as you can. You should always try and take out at least one GH and/or Watch Tower to avoid being overwhelmed by defenders during your assault, destroying both is obviously optimal.

  2. Try not to deploy ALL of your troops in one spot at the same time...unless doing some type of RUSH. In general, drop a blue infantry squad near spot where you want to attack to trigger any caltrops/fire traps and see how castle troops react. From there, you can choose to deploy another infantry and "kite" their troops away. Once troops are on other side of map, deploy your troops as needed at point of attack. Send in waves, don't drop all of your troops at once.

  3. Belisarius Rush (Cav or Infantry):

    1. Choose a point of entry for Belisarius.  You want to avoid going past Flame Towers and Crossbow Towers.  Also try to avoid using roads that may be covered in caltrops; instead, choose walls separated by resource buildings.

    2. Use a fast unit (red raider or yellow laddermen) to check your point of entry for fire traps and caltrops.

    3. Use a fast unit (possibly still the first unit, if they survived) to draw the opponent’s troops away from the place where you plan to have Belisarius dig.  This is called “kiting” the troops away, do not engage or try to kill them, just keep them occupied.

    4. If you are using Belisarius to undermine 2 walls, and if there are multiple towers around, it is quite possible Belisarius will die before he gets to the second wall.  To prevent this, shortly before he finishes undermining the first wall, deploy a unit (yellow laddermen work well) to draw the towers’ attention away from Belisarius. Another solution is to take out the outer wall with siege weapons, and only use Belisarius to break the inner wall.

    5. If you have room in your army, adding in some archers is a good way to get more resources out of your attack.


  1. Archergeddon

    1. Selecting A Target

      1. You want to target a Keep where all or almost all resource buildings are either completely outside the walls, or just inside 1 layer of walls, with no gap between the walls and the buildings. 

      2. The best targets have all or almost all of their Towers in the inner circle, around the Keep.  Try to avoid Keeps with several Towers in the outer circle of walls, especially Crossbow Towers.

    2. The best hero to use with Archergeddon is, by far, Joan of Arc.  Other useful heroes are: John Kourkouas; Henry; Rurik; Maslama; Hermann; Charles Martel; and Tariq.

    3. First you must draw their defensive troops away from the Keep (“kiting”).  If using Joan or John Kourkouas, use them to convert/terrorize the troops.  Otherwise, use a fast unit, such as Mams, Raiders or Cavalry, or if you only want to use a one slot unit, laddermen outrun all defenders except Mams.  Draw them as far from the Keep as possible, but remember, don’t kill them! (or they will simply respawn from the GH whence they came).

    4. Destroy as many of the exterior buildings as possible before dropping your archers, so they can focus on the buildings inside the outer wall.

    5. Drop about 30-35 of your archers, evenly spaced, in the first wave.  Watch where the Fire Traps reveal themselves, and try to route archers around those.  See which sides your archers are doing well, and which sides need more help.  Drop archers as appropriate.

    6. Constantly watch your archers to ensure they are targeting resource buildings, and not Towers or Walls.

    7. I like to bring 1 unit of Pikemen and 1 unit of Cheirosiphons to drop on any enemy troops that may spawn or return from being Kited.


  1. Powerful Hero Combos

    1. Nevsky + Conrad or Martel

    2. Belisarius + Richard (Infantry/Raider/Ladder rush)

    3. Belisarius + Sviatoslav (Raider/Muscovy rush)

    4. Belisarius + Charlemagne (Cav or any Mounted Unit rush)

    5. Martel + Winrich

    6. Maslama + Winrich

    7. Conrad + Nikephoros

    8. Belisarius + Edward

    9. There are many – be sure to ask an experienced Player.

  1. Hero Tips:
    1. Winrich:   Rake ability. Level 1 has one ability, Level 2 has two. Never try to target something that is behind a wall.  Although his blast will destroy buildings and towers within a large radius, he can only target something that is directly in front of him.  Look for a cluster of high value targets grouped together, always try and include either the ballista you need to kill to make your assault on a keep, or a defensive treb, if you can manage to get a GH into his pesky aiming circle as well that’s a bonus! Don’t worry too much if you are having trouble with this Hero initially, he is tricky to target even when you think you have him figured out.  His blast is mostly ineffective on walls. Always use a distract/meatshield when sending him in to use his ability. Maslama’s smoke cover can be used effectively to cover Winrich or Martel’s Taunt to draw fire while Winrich destroys. Once you drag Winrich’s ability to a target, say a Tower…he will also damage bldg’s two square from the target in all directions. See the damage pattern below for an idea of his ability range (where T = Target):









So any Tower’s within those x’s, or any catapult or treb emplacements within those x’s will be destroyed within that radius. Same if there is a Guardhouse, or other type of bldg that has a part of it inside that radius. REMEMBER!

Winrich's target CANNOT be completely covered by walls. 

    1. Nevsky:   Like Winrich, you should look for multiple towers and/or emplacements grouped together.  When using his ability, the fire will spread to all things near your target, including walls. Best paired with Conrad to do Siege Rush, or pair with Martel's Taunt. Nevsky has 1 ability at level 1, and two abilities at level 2.

    2. Charlemagne:  He is tricky sometimes. Unlike many heroes, you cannot simply click his ability; you must drag it to your intended target.  Only do this after you have deployed your mounted units, and only when he has a clear path to the target (usually the Keep).  After you have used his ability to target the Keep, do not touch him or any of the mounted units until they have destroyed the Keep.  No matter how careful you are, he will occasionally (rarely?) decide on his own to target a wall or other building. Placing him at the back end of the rushing herd will help with his longevity and your prospect of success, if he dies before his target is destroyed your cav will scatter and retarget other things. Level 1 has one ability. Level 4 has four abilities.

    3. Richard:   His ability provides BOTH an attack and speed bonus, to all infantry/foot soldiers.  This includes, blue infantry, red raiders, yellow laddermen, teutonic knights, archers, longbowmen, crossbowmen and cheirosiphons. Level 1 has one ability. Level 4 has four abilities.

    4. Sviatoslav:  His ability provides only an attack bonus (on resource bldgs.), and only to Red Raiders and Raiders of Muscovy.

    5. Charles Martel:  His ability will draw the attention of all towers, emplacements, and troops within range of his ability AND (if a tower or emplacement) within the range of that tower/emplacement.  Martel’s range is quite large, so it is very possible for an Archer Tower to be within Martel’s Taunt range, and Martel simultaneously to be outside the Archer Tower’s range.  If Martel is out of range of the Tower, it will re-target to other troops.  Also, if Martel is too close to a Ballista/Cannon or Treb Emplacement, it will re-target to other troops.  Best practice is to pick a wall where all Towers can hit him, and have Martel attack that wall.  Once the Towers are destroyed, move Martel further in, to attack the Keep or another wall.  Keep Martel away from your trebs, because many defensive structures have “splash” damage that will destroy anything near Martel.  Martel is very vulnerable when he is not Taunting, so be certain to refresh his ability before it wears off. Level 1 has one ability. Level 4 has four.

    6. John Kourkouas:  His Terrorize ability sends the opponent’s troops running in the exact opposite direction of John.  They will run in terror and most of the times will leave the map.   If they leave the map that’s it they’re gone! If they do not leave the map, they will return to normal, and come back to help with the defense.  Therefore, you really want to try to position Kourkouas such that his ability sends them toward a nearby map edge.

    7. Conrad:  Although he uses a Siege Tower which may appear to not be the best option, but it is an awesome meatshield/distraction. Conrad is devastating when combined with other Hero’s that are siege weapons particularly Nevsky/Nikephoros/Saladdin. Or you can use a bunch of your own Trebs/Catapults/Rams with Conrad and those all will get Conrad’s ability as long as they are all in range. Although siege weapons are notoriously slow, the most important benefits of Conrad are the defensive bonus he provides, and his ability to draw the fire of Towers and troops.  As long as he is first to get into the base, Towers will target him instead of your Siege Weapons, or Alex/Nike.  And with the defensive bonus, your other siege weapons can survive much longer than they normally would, taking out several towers in the process. Only has one ability, but each level up his ability lasts longer.

    8. Rurik: He does extreme damage to Towers and Emplacements.  He is also capable of climbing walls using ladders, like the yellow laddermen.  Therefore, he can be used as part of an attack, or as a first wave, to take out a particularly troublesome Tower/Emplacement. Level 1 has one ability, level 4 has four.

    9. Edward: His ability does great damage, but can only target buildings.  As most buildings have relatively low health, Edward is best used on the Keep. Probably best paired with Belisarius to clear a path to the Keep, send in a quick unit first to trigger any Fire traps or caltrops. You can then deploy a few distraction troops so the defenses can fire at them…be sure to direct them away from the path you want Edward to run. Once path cleared, and distraction troops in place, deploy Edward and drag his ability to the Keep. He has two abilities to use as Level 1, and three abilities to use at Level 2. Be sure to keep an eye on when he finishes his first ability and quickly drag subsequent abilities to the Keep. With two abilities, he will destroy a Level 7 and maybe a Level 8 Keep. Level 9 Keeps will require all three abilities. Be sure you have backup to take out the Keep…just in case!

    10. Saladin: He can destroy a single target from very long range.  He is best used to take out a troublesome Ballista, Trebuchet, or Flame Tower, at the outset of battle. Some also use his ability to deal a big blow to the Keep. He has one ability at level 1, and two abilities at level 2.

    11. Tariq: His fire only really harms troops, buildings far far less.  If facing foot soldiers, drop the fire away from Tariq, but in line with the path the opponent’s troops are walking, so that they must walk through the fire to get to Tariq.  If facing cavalry, drop the fire on Tariq, so the cavalry cannot simply run through the fire, and must stand in the fire to attack Tariq. Try pairing with Maslama. Smoke cover can protect Trebs while Tariq's fire can burn any ground troops trying to attack your trebs.  Level 1 has one ability, Level 2 has two...haven't upgraded any higher though...

    12. Nikephoros: His ability speeds up the rate of fire for his trebuchet, and speeds up the rate of fire for nearby trebs. Level 1 has one ability, Level 2 has two.

    13. Joan: Convert. Changes defending troops into your attackers.  She is likely to be one of the most popular heroes with the introduction of the Watch Signal Tower; more defenders = more attackers for you! Level 1 has one ability, Level 4 has four.

    14. Maslama:  Smoke Cover. Drag his ability to an area to provide smoke cover. Smoke protects from ranged attacks (i.e. Ballista/Archer/Crossbow/Catapult/Treb)…but will NOT protect from a Flame Tower. Smoke also protects from Archers and Longbowmen…but NOT from Cheirosiphons, and not from Grenadiers. Level 1 has one ability, Level 4 has four.

    15. Henry: Disable Towers.  Drag his ability to disable a Tower or Cat/Treb for a short period of time. Afterwards, they will fire at half speed. Henry has huge range when using his ability. Level 1 has one ability, Level 4 has four.

    16. Hermann: Shield Wall. His ability will provide a defense bonus for troops inside his radius. You can park him on a segment of wall to provide a zone of protection.  Level 1 has one ability, Level 4 has four.

    17. Belisarius:  Tunnel.  Drag his ability to a segment of wall so he can tunnel underneath and destroy the wall. Best to distract defenses away from where you want to tunnel. He can die quickly, so be careful about running him on roads as the Caltrops will slow him down and Beli will be more likely to die before he get’s to use ability. Level 1 has one ability, Level 4 has four.

  1. Gold – Try to connect all roads as allowed by your Age to get free gold daily. 3 pieces of gold daily per road connected. Gold should probably be spent only in 2 ways, both are essentially buying time instead of buying resources, there are exceptions of course, like those last 3 pennants you need to upgrade anything Saracen! But in general:

    1. To speed up training your army.  If you need resources, it is far more efficient (and fun) to spend gold on speeding up army training, and steal the resources you need, rather than buying the resources from the marketplace with gold.

    2. To finish a build.  If you are sitting on a load of any freshly gathered resources and need to get rid of it before you go to exit the game, so it isn’t stolen, you should use gold to finish a current build in order to free up some build capacity and spend those carefully raided resources.

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