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This info is available on the Age of Empires: Castle Siege forum, but I am "borrowing" for our use here...

All members of The Leftovers 4 (and other LO alliances), please read these rules that we have put in place to assist you..



  1. ALWAYS do your best to keep all 3 to 4 build capacities in use. ALWAYS be building.
  2. You should not protect your Army Camps whatsoever. When you are attacked, your Army Camps vanish and your opponent cannot see or attack them.  Best to place them at edge of maps, in each corner. Do not place near walls, but if you insist - place them at least 3 squares away from your walls and other buildings as they leave a “footprint” that can indicate where there is a safe spot for the attack to deploy their troops.
  3. Always separate similar resources.  For example; if you have 3 silos, keep them separated.  This forces resources players to attack multiple places in order to take most of your food.
  4. Identify the most secure parts of your Keep.  Whatever resources you have the most of (or that you least want to have raided away), move the storage units for that resource to your most secure places.
  5. As a general rule of thumb, protect your buildings in this order:
    1. Keep

    2. Guardhouses/Watch Tower 

    3. Stone Storehouses

    4. Silos and Lumberyards

    5. Universities and Cathedrals

    6. Quarries, Farms and Mills

    7. Military Buildings (archery range, barracks, stable, siege workshop, hall of heroes, and special troops building)

  1. Always protect your most effective and therefore vulnerable fortifications (catapults and trebuchets) by placing them within range of a tower. Same applies to GH’s if possible. Crossbow and Flame towers work particularly well.

  2. Base Building:

    1. Ensure all walls are closed off.

    2. Compartmentalization- The more sections you can divide your base into, the more difficult it is for the opponent to get all your resources

    3. Psychology - There are ways to encourage/predict entry points to your castle. Use this to your advantage by loading the traps in these areas. For instance, placing both stone stores on one side of your layout (not together) entices people to approach from that side. People also seem to prefer to attack left-right/front to back, in my experience most attacks come from the W/SW. Try to make players attack where YOU want them to…

    4. Map Edge - Map edge is useful and it does put most people off, but don't rely on it. It is useful for one side with good cover, short and long range, to ensure most/all of the off-map is defended. The benefit of the edge is the confined space with no easy escape route. The downsides to edge are: direct spawn zone, no traps, and for corners: loss of free gold and limited gates.

    5. Tower Placement - Towers shouldn't be isolated, on corners for instance, and should be backed up with other defense. Where possible, providing 2 spaces between defensive buildings, or keeping the towers behind a wall (instead of part of the wall) will reduce Winrich's ability. Winrich and Alex love clusters, so evenly spacing towers around the castle, within range of one another, strengthens the defense.

    6. Trebuchet Placement- Ideal place for a treb is in the middle, not a corner, where it can focus on the action inside the walls. Keep the trebs away from the outside walls, as close to the center as possible.

    7. Guard Houses and Patrol Points

      1. Troop Choice- 3 main factors:

        1. Spawn Time - Foot soldiers spawn every 60s, whereas cavalry take 90s (times are for Level 4 guardhouse).

        2. Troop Speed - Slow troops force the attacker to wait to deal with their appearance outside the walls. However, the attacker will be able to evade slow troops with faster units like cavalry.

        3. Usefulness if Converted by Joan - Once you start facing advanced opponents, Joan becomes a factor.  Once converted, cavalry, mamluks, blue infantry and teutonic knights can be very destructive to your defense. Pikemen and Archers are far less effective once converted, especially Pikemen.

The Watch Tower

The Watch Tower, when triggered will send a signal calling for reinforcements to your defense.

The more you upgrade, the higher health, troop capacity, and higher # of troops deployed.

They are not like GuardHouses that can deploy troops as soon as an attacker begins their attack. The Attackers have to cross into the Watch Tower's radius in order to begin signal. First troops will arrive in 35 seconds, and subsequent troops 70 seconds.

BUT, the Watch Tower has to survive in order to keep working. If destroyed before timer runs out - you will NOT get troops. Try to keep inside walls...but not too close to where they can be destroyed quickly and easily.

Tower has a large radius. Sometimes, strategic placement of a Watch Tower is key. Some attackers choose to attack away or on opposite side of Watch Tower so that they do not trigger reinforcements. Be sure that wherever you choose to place your Tower, that it is protected too. NEVER leave a Watch Tower out in the open! You need to protect as much as you would a GuardHouse.


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