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The Leftover 4 - Official Alliance RULES


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All members of The Leftovers 4, please read these rules that we have put in place to assist you...


General RULES for The Leftovers 4:

1. Donations:

- In general, please donate to your same Age or lower. *We cannot have lower Age’d players donating to higher Ages – especially donating to a player that is 2 or more Ages higher than you*.

- Acceptable Donation troops are the following:  Cavalry, Knight Templar, Raiders of Muscovy, and Mamluks. *Grenadiers are also acceptable, but do not donate two or more Grenadiers in a row. Only one Grenadier at a time.*

- No single slot donations (i.e. pikeman/infantry/archers). *Even if you have a Watch Tower that has 6 out of 7 slots filled – DO NOT fill that last slot with a troop. Also, be sure to get your Watch Tower’s upgraded so that it shows an EVEN # of slots...i.e. 10, 12, 14, 16...etc*  

- For higher Age’s (8 and 9), please donate to them only Level 5+ Cavalry, Level 3+ Knight Templar, Level 3+ Raiders of Muscovy, or Level 3+ Mamluks. *Grenadiers are also acceptable, but do not donate two or more Grenadiers in a row. Only one Grenadier at a time.*

- Don’t be afraid to ask in chat if you need or want a specific troop.

2. Activity:

- Please try to be active in chat and participate in The Leftovers forum! We’d love to hear from all players.

- If you share a replay, be sure to let us know why you are sharing it.  *i.e. big win, lots of loot, weird layout, good layout, good use of Hero/Troops, any mistakes you made, anything you learned…etc*

- Be active in the game. Try not to go longer than two weeks (14 days) without attacking. *inactivity for that long will cause you to get booted from alliance*

- If you will be out for a period of time, please tell an active member. *Whether it’s holiday/vacation/medical…try to let us know so your spot will be secure.*

3. Fun:

- Enjoy the game and have fun! Don’t worry about the stuff you can’t control *(i.e. disconnects/server issues).*

- Don’t worry about not winning attacks at first. Attacks will improve with experience and with advice from experienced members. *Practice the historical campaigns again too – it’s a great way to fight for free!*

- Don’t worry about not winning on defense. There is no perfect defense. *Try to look at various layouts and adjust as needed after several battles, paying attention to attacker’s tendencies.*

4. Lordship:

- To be considered for Lordship, you must Age up and show progress.

- Be active in Chat, and in Forums. Assist less experienced/lower Age’d players.

- Donate troops regularly.

- Get recommended by other Lords.

5. How to get kicked out of the Alliance:

- Bad/foul language or inappropriate comments in chat or Forums.

- Donating troops incorrectly. You will get a Warning the first time. If 2nd time – it may be grounds for immediate dismissal from Alliance. It is vital that we donate troops appropriately as you may be causing more harm donating inferior troops to Higher Age'd players.

- Being inactive (i.e. not attacking) for at least two weeks. We want active players in the Alliance….unless you have notified an active member (i.e. vacation/medical…etc).


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