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Friendly Attacks

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It might have been an innocent mistake.  I attacked hellboy the other day and didn't realize it until later when I was browsing my attack log and the name jumped out.

I think when I'm looking for someone to attack I'm not paying much attention to their name or logo.  I'm more interested in assessing their defenses and trying to see how much loot I'll get.

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I welcome the competition! Most of the leadership team was eagerly awaiting setting up a join.me or something like that when S 8rooks was going to revenge Bruce. So remember, if you see the LO logo, hit record with the new Win 10 recording system and share it with us!

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Every battle is recorded anyways and can be seen for a few days. And why should the attacker record his wrongdoing? He should cancel the attack to the favor of the teammate.

I made a record of the replay: VIDEO

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Like Shacronire, I'm focussed on the castle's defenses, potential resource loot, and crowns, it would be easy to forget to check logos.  That, and I tend to have too-focussed vision, missing whole forests for a tree or two.  In any case, it may be that NRawlinson is still unaware of having attacked a fellow LO alliance member, this is the first time I browsed a LO forum that I didn't belong to (i.e. LO3, LO4). I will bring it to his attention, as I have an account in his LO alliance.  


-MAG (LO4)/OGG (LO3)


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