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Lord Nominations


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Current LO4 lords, please submit who would be a good candidate for Lord. Who has shown great potential, not just battles/crowns, but also in chat. Some of you current lords are on a tour of duty...so as we near 50 members, I need to start promoting from within.


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Yeah, Spiny has been great...and Banjo has progressed well. I think I'll promote these two...

Oh, and FYI...we are at 49 Members! Amazing...I didn't think we'd get to capacity this quickly. It was a month ago that we were at a handful of members.

Not sure how we did it, but we did it!

Thanks to all Lords that do their tour of duty. You all have been instrumental in helping this alliance grow, and of course donating your troops to me! :D

But some of my members have benefitted tremendously with your replays, and tips/advice...

Next goal for LO4 - get to the Top 200! Time to start climbing that mountain... :ssports_exercisr_treadmill_100-

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:spc_angry_100-101:wow ? stanly u have made it to the lord & I think shim has earned it as shim was attacking regularly (within hours) which is great unlike just 3-4 attack a day



Sorry a mistake in statement its unlike me who attacks only 3-4 times a day


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It's that time again to see if any of you have Lord nominations.

I was given one nomination:  PearlOrphan900.

Does anyone second shim?

Also, are there any other worthy candidates? To become a Lord, shim must be nominated by at least two Lords...and of course, be helpful in Chat/Troops...etc.

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