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The BBQ Kid

LO3 Orentation/Alliance Rules

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Since we get new players everyday, we need to provide a nice orientation post. Here's what we expect from everyone:

  1. Be active
    1. Be active in chat, share your best battles, your worst defeats, but follow it up with a note explaining why you shared it. (i.e. big win, lots of loot, weird layout, good layout, good use of Hero/Troops, any mistakes you made, anything you learned…etc")
    2. Be active in these forums
    3. Ask for help with your layout and tactics in chat and forums.
  2. Excused absences: Sometimes you can't make it online.
    1. Anyone who doesn't attack for over 14 days may be kicked out without warning by any lord.
    2. We expect to see you every few days at a minimum, so if you plan to only attack every few weeks, we will kick you out to make room for more active players.
    3. You may request a leave of absence for up to 30 days (vacation, hardware issues, illness, etc.)
      1. We keep a list of excused absences in the forums here http://forums.computingondemand.com/topic/33696-excuse-me/
      2. You are only excused if I approve it.
  3. Donations - Let the Big Shims handle them. Ask before you donate. If you do qualify to donate, NEVER donate single-slot troops like pikemen, champions, or archers. The only approved donation troops are as follows:
    1. the occasional grenadier - Only one in a row so you don't load up someone with all grenadiers.
    2. Level 3+ Raiders of Muscovy, and
    3. Level 3+ Mamluks
    4. Level 3+ Templar Knights
    5. Level 6+ Cavalry
  4. No foul or abusive language
  5. Represent - Use landscaping to build the official LO logo, so enemies begin to recognize our team.

Lordship requirement:  Lords are nominated by their peers in the forums. Nominees must have been active in chat/forums for a while, giving advice to others, and are able to donate troops and do so often. The Emperor has the final say and only the Emperor may promote or demote a lord (Age of Empires rule).

To post in these forums, you have to apply, Bruceleon has to send you a confirmation email and then you will be accepted into the forums. It isn't automatic. He gets to it within a day or so.

To remain in the Top 200 Leaderboard, The Leftovers 3 will kick out unexcused inactive members and we have imposed a 300 crown minimum to join. LORDS, PLEASE KICK ANY SHIM WHO JOINS BELOW THE MINIMUM. This keeps an opening for more experienced shims looking for a home. Please refer them to a younger LO alliance based on their crowns level, but kick them out within 30-min at a max. Currently, anything below 50 crowns should go to LO5. If you are feeling generous you can send a message to the Emperor of the alliance or post the player name here: http://forums.computingondemand.com/topic/35922-referral-list/

Please provide feedback. I will edit this post as needed.

-The BBQ Kid

Edited by The BBQ Kid
updated crown minimum to join

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cool cool I thought it was 5 an up cav lol

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