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Weekly LO3 Update

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From the desk of the Emperor:

Greetings my faithful members! LO3 had another successful week. This week, I gleaned the data from the phone and typed them into the computer. Look for the update to the team website http://computingondemand.com/leftovers/ soon

As of today, Sunday 6/7/2015, we had 41 members. The average age for players in LO3 is 6.02, up from 5.94 a week ago, meaning we have been aging up. The total crowns count was at 14,897, up from 11,731 last week. The average crown/player is at 363, up from 335 crowns last week. So, please correct me if I am wrong, but according to my math, that’s an 27% weekly growth rate (includes all the crowns we got by adding new players).

As I said last week, don’t feel bad if you had a bad week because losing streaks and growing pains are a part of the game. I was on a BAD losing streak, fell back to the mid 600's, then recovered to a new high over 1,000 before the weekend started.

Nice work everyone!

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