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Overclockability of Athlon XP 2800+ Processors. They Cannot


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We have already discussed the situation around availability of the newer Athlon XP processors earlier today (see this news-story), and I expressed some doubts about AMD’s ability to start the volume shipments of the 2800+ CPUs on time. By now I have received indirect confirmations to my concerns. Apparently, Athlon XP 2800+’s 2250Mhz frequency is very close to the highest core-clock the core can function at.

Well, yeah. This applies to everything. There is a limit to this technology. Hence, the next evolution of the AMD processor.


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AMD has obviously (in OC'rs terms) Hit the wall. They have to move on to a new technology or get left further behind.

And Kal who knows whats up with the name thing, apparently even AMD doesn't know!

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And the Barton, Clawhammer, etc. Lots of items on the drawing board, they keep pushing them back. Looks like the K7 will be around for a little while longer.

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