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M$ is Ending 98 Support.


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By the end of this month anybody that still uses Windows 98 will no longer have support from Microsoft. They say they will issue patches if the flaws are serious enough. But to me this means nada.

I would suggest to anyone still using 98 that you go to Windows Update and download all the available patches and service packs for separate install and burn them to CD for future use.

How you ask?

Go to Windows Update click on the "Personalize Windows Update" link. Check the box for "Display the link to the Windows Update Catalog under See Also". Then under the "See Also" menu you can see the catalog. Go there and choose your OS to download all the updates as separate files that can be installed later. Burn them to CD and you're set. This works for all OS's. It is also useful if you're stuck with dialup as you won't have to download all the updates everytime you reinstall your OS.

Your Welcome, This has been a public service message from the

COD Staff :lol:

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I do believe next year marks the end of support for the craptastic Win ME> but i'm not too sure.

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