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help me out! :D


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hehe not to be advertising but i'm good for it ;)

just click on this link and punch in the number. thats all, or you could enlist under me. I wanna show my friend i can beat the crap out of him in any game ahha! so i'll use my unlimited *forum* resources. thanks guys :)


(if ya wanna be really cool, once every 24 hours :D)

if anyone else is involved in this kinda crap post your links :)

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LOL. Your a little late. This age is about to end and age 3 is soon to begin. BTW: check us out

I play as [TMX]viper4559

Big_Ram plays as Big_Ram

Rd plays as [TMX]RdHavoc

Pegesus plays as Peg^^axx

I also have a forums set up for this. Please feel free to register yourself. And come age 3 I will help you guys who sign up under me get alot more guys.


Currently I have a little over 700 trained and almost 400 spies.


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