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SpaceMonger Review


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SpaceMonger v1.4.0



SpaceMonger is a utility that everybody should try at least once. The program displays the contents of a hard disk drive in the form of a Treemap. What is a Treemap you may ask? It displays files as rectangles. Each rectangle is the appropriate scale size of how much space it takes up on the hard disk. So you end up with a full screen scale representation of your hard disk at a glance.


SpaceMonger is designed to let the user easily find files that consume more than their share of space on the drive. Once you navigate to the file you can choose to Run or Delete the file right on SpaceMongers Treemap.

Navigation is easy. You can choose to show free space or not with the click of a toolbar icon. There are also zooming toolbar icons to move the view up and down the hierarchy structure. Double clicking on a folder will open up and display its contents.


There's a whole array of settings in the Setup dialog box. They range from manipulating the shape of the layout to changing the complexity of displayed file info. A user will without a doubt enjoy customizing the Treemap for his/her specific needs.

The program is not just limited to hard disk drives. You can open any devices that have a drive letter. This could be floppy, cds, removable flash & external USB and firewire drives.

While using SpaceMonger I have found the lettering size is a tad too small. I would have liked to see a font size option in the Setup menu. Also when folder names are long it seems to require a triple click to open the directory. Besides those minor problems I highly recommend adding this program to your suite of utilities.

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It is pretty cool the way it shows your space use graphically instead of in text form.

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Yeah, don't think I said thanks Iroc. I am using it now. It is pretty cool. My space looks funny cause I have one side empty and the other side full. I put all my shortcuts that were previously on my desktop in one folder titled "Folders" (pretty catchy huh?) on the desktop. It helps keep things uncluttered. So essentially what I have on my desktop is my shutdown and restart shortcuts, that folder and something else I can't recall. 4 items, nice and neat.

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