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Maximum PC magazine excerpt...


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Here's a small part of the article "Final Showdown: P4EE vs Athlon 64 FX-51 vs Apple G5" from MaximumPC's December issue...

Apple's biggest problem isn't its hardware, but rather its current software support. In apps that aren't optimized for the G5's unique benefits, the Mac's performance is a travesty. We'd even bet that in some apps, the G5 is no faster than the G4. We saw a similar problem when the Pentium 4 was introduced. Although it was clocked about one-third faster then the Pentium III, in many apps it was slower because the code of the day just couldn't take advantage of the P4's architecture and special instructions. But now, three years later, the P4 is a screamer. Apple's G5 could have the same fate.

With that said/read it really makes one think twice about jumping on the band wagon for those spankin new processors that come out.

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Yeah I'm usually a generation behind anyways. Best bang for buck is never the latest greatest. And waiting gives the Mobo Mfrs. time to iron out the bugs. Used to be (especially with VIA chipsets) wait for the "B" version and never go with the "A" version. Unless you enjoy being a beta tester for them. :lol:

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