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Max Payne 2


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I bought this game remembering the first time I experienced bullet time in the first game. That was the only thing that set you apart from all the thugs in the game but it made you the badass. My favorite magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly did a cover special on this game. The article was 10 pgs long and discussed the history of the first game to the renditions and changes of character in the sequel.

Thats what is neat about this game, is that its not just a sequel where you are still the exact same character. Now you can see how the stress and age has made ol Max look like an older experienced man. haha Max is even going schizo and he hears random thoughts while you play and random subtitles come up. It really puts you in the head of Max.

The article also discusses the Noir genre which i didnt even know a word existed for this type of thing i was so interested in. The title of the game is

MAX PAYNE 2 - The fall of Max Payne. A film Noir love story. Dictionary says this about Noir.

noir ( P ) Pronunciation Key (nwär)


1. Of or relating to the film noir genre.

2. A genre of crime literature featuring tough, cynical characters and bleak settings.

3.Suggestive of danger or violence.

[short for film noir + Sense 2, short for French roman noir, black novel.]


The article says that FilmNoir literally means Black Cinema. It was a cretain breed of hardboiled dramas that became popular in the 1940's. Using a palette of shadowy greys and blacks, film noirs told tales of coruption, murder, greed, intrigue, and sex. The first Max Payne fit this description pretty good, but this sequel was built around it. Such Film Noirs include:

(1941) The Maltese Falcon

(1946) The Big Sleep

(1946) Notorious

(1974) China Town

(1997) L.A. Confidential

(2000) Momento <---------great movie

That should give you a desciption of the settings in the game and the way the story moves. If you enjoy comic books, you would love this.

The rest of the article talks about how hunked up the new game engine runs. I dont know alot about this stuff but i think the game engine is awesome in this new game. The most impressive thing in ths game is the graphics. THEY ARE AMAZING! They also allow Max to interact with everything, and i mean everting. Every box can be moved, all faucets can be turned on and off, you name it. When you shoot people or jump into a group of boxes to dodge fire, all the boxes move! When the bad guys die - (engine brags about new ragdoll deaths, i think better than FO) it is hillariuos to see them fall into the boxes and seeing crap knocked all over the place. Makes you feel like you are really tearing stuff up compared to first game. Even the random dollies sitting around the warehouse get knocked over when you are running arond looking for painkillers. Yes the painkillers are Max's life savers. The bullet time was also tweaked for better performance.

I would suggest this game if you are into the dark, crime cut, amazingly fluid graphics and stories for video games.

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sure you did... NOT

he must have gone to the same store as me. :D

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I've already played all the way through it. I have to say I almost like this better then the first one.

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dont spoil it! :o i am only on the 3 level. i cant wait to get more time. will someone ban me from the forums, for i realize i am a forum whore and spend more time trying to get you guys to check it out instead of playing it. :wub:

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