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HEHE I knew that was coming, but through my business I have had so much trouble with ATI cards, and I have never had any trouble with Nvidia. And I have never seen a high end ATI card in action so perhaps I just don't know what I'm missing <_< . And it is true that all the ATI cards I have had trouble with were lower end or older models. You never know someday I may try ATI for myself and never go back to Nvidia, but if you ask me NVIDIA's next line of cards is gonna take the gaming market back to their side due to the fact that ATI has been owning NVIDIA for quite some time. Nvidia must know that they need to do something drastic and do it fast.

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You said it right there. "The NEXT generation". Not this one. There is just no comparison right now.

I used to use only Nvidia, in fact all my computers except my Main rig have Nvidia cards of some sort. But I bought a 9700 Pro when they were first released (preordered from ATI even) and it just owned anything else at stock settings at the time.

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Ok, so Newegg had the Leadtek Deluxe Capture card on sale for $45. I had a moment of weakness and ordered one. Linkage:


So how did the LEADTEK work?

I had a lady call me today wanting to transfer some VHS to CD/VCD so she didn't lose it. Wedding, birthday,family outing etc, nothing fancy.



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KWORLD on NewEgg

What about the cheapo KWORLD ones?

Do they all record sound and video? I don't see any RED/WHITE RCA jacks for audio, just yellow composite or 75 ohm CATV connectors.

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